Youth Activation Committee

Youth are educating, empowering, activating, and motivating people to foster respect, dignity, and advocacy for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Through Special Olympics and the Youth Activation Committee, youth serve as leaders by implementing programs that unify schools, transform communities, and promote acceptance and inclusion for all.

Special Olympics Kansas is looking for youth to join the movement as leaders. You will educate other youth that intellectual disabilities cross all boundaries of age, gender, religion and culture. Youth leaders help carry out Special Olympics mission and promote inclusive environments in their schools and communities.

The primary goal for the Special Olympics Kansas Youth Activation Committee is to have more student athletes and partners involved in the behind the scenes planning for our unified tournaments. We want to be able to teach them skills so that they can be better leaders in the Special Olympics community and in their local communities and school.

Yac Goals

  • Spread the Unified Movement across the state/New UCS Schools
  • Bring ideas to the group on how we can better our program and our community programs
  • Plan and participate in monthly activations
  • Active on Social Media
  • Learn how to work with peers of all abilities
  • Become a better youth leader towards peers of all ability levels
  • Your Personal/Group Goals

Application process:

  • Students will be chosen to serve as Unified pairs, both a Special Olympics athlete and Unified Partner, from the same school
  • Each Unified pair application must also have a mentor submit an application telling us more as to why they should be picked for the Youth Activation Committee
  • Preference will be given to pairs that have multiple years of Unified sports experience


  • Youth Activation Committee members will be expected to attend meetings
  • Each meeting will be held at the Special Olympics Kansas office in Mission or via Zoom
  • We will discuss different leadership skills and teach new ways to get people involved and be more inclusive in our schools 

If you are a youth leader or mentor who would like to learn more, please contact Taylor Obersteadt at or 913-236-9290.



Current Committee


Katherine Stineman and Gracie Flanagan

This pair here is our co-presidents of YAC this year. They are both seniors at Lawrence High School where they play unified basketball and soccer. They meet their sophomore year when Katherine joined unified and have been best friends inseparable ever since. They love to eat pizza, swing at the park, get ice cream, and sing in the car.

Addison Willcott and Katie Morrison

They are our YAC Vice chair women this year. Addison is a sophomore and Katie is a junior at Blue Valley Southwest, where they both play unified basketball, soccer, and bocce. They met in Addison’s sixth grade year and Katie’s seventh grade year through playing unified together.

Natalie Kahre and Kinsey Kuhlman

Both Seniors at Washburn Rural High School. The both take part in Unified soccer and basketball. Their favorite memory together is hanging out at Dialogue Coffee House.

Matan White and Jackson Stone

Matan is a senior and Jackson is a sophomore at Shawnee Mission South where both play unified basketball. The two meet at basketball camp a few years ago and have known each other ever since.

Daniel Schnacker and Gabe Holgate

Daniel is a junior and Gabriel is a Senior at Shawnee Mission Northwest High School there they play unified basketball, soccer, and bocce. An interesting fact about Daniel is he has a youtube channel called DPS DPS. And an interesting fact about Gabriel is he has known Daniel since eighth grade.

Kalyssa Crumpton and Zaylee Bell

Our Social Media Managers this year. They are both Juniors at Seaman High School and play United bocce, soccer, and basketball. Their favorite memory together is swinging in the rain at Gage Park with their other best friend Alyssa.

Will Hartley and Sierra Pier

Here is our unified pair from Bonner Springs High School, Will Hartley and Sierra Pier who are both Seniors. Will plays unified soccer and football, Sierra plays unified soccer and bocce. An interesting fact about the pair is, Will’s favorite animals is a rhino because they’re tough animals, and Sierra has a blind and deaf bog.