World Games 2015

Los Angeles, California

JULY 25 – AUGUST 2, 2015

Los Angeles waswelcome_home_2_cropped the stage for 6,500 Special Olympics athletes from 165 nations to compete in 25 Olympic-type sports. The 2015 Games featured competitions in aquatics, gymnastics, track and field, basketball, football (soccer) and many other summer sports.


Michael (left), Casey (center), Chevi (right) were selected to represent Kansas as part of Special Olympics USA.


Casey Hostetler,  Haysville Hornets competed in tennis.

Chevi Peters, New Hope Bulldogs, competed in powerlifting.

Michael Bottom, Hurchinson/Reno County Hawks, competed in Tennis.

They had a spectacular games and returned not only with medals but great memories and many new friends.
View the Opening Ceremony and see Chevi’s Story.

Chevi Peters won 3 Golds and a Silver!

Chevi Peters LiftingBench Press160 pounds     Gold
Deadlift325 poundsGold
Squat275 poundsSilver
Combo760 poundsGold
Michael Bottom and Coach

Michael and partner Eric take Silver in Doubles

Michael also won Silver in Singles

Casey and Team

  Casey and Partner Fabiola take Silver in Doubles

Casey also won Bronze in the Singles

Sid Kanter
Coach Sid Kanter (Leawood) accompanied Special Olympics USA as the Head Tennis Coach

John Lair

Special Olympics North American 2015 Coach of the Year John Lair (Pittsburg) accompanied  the team as Assistant Powerlifting Coach.   Meet John Lair.

Leaving KC Cody-Krisiti
LETRDet. Kristi Powell, Topeka Police Dept. represented Kansas in the Final Leg, and
Athlete Cody Pierce of New Hope of Pittsburg was one of 10 U.S. athletes running in the Final Leg.