Special Olympics Kansas Volunteer from Home

Please support our Special Olympics Kansas family from the comfort of your home.

We’ve all experienced a significant change in lifestyle. Many of us have learned how to work remotely, entertain ourselves in close quarters and fight off boredom.

We’ve had to give up a lot in the name of stopping the spread of coronavirus, but one thing you don’t need to give up right now is volunteering.

Volunteering from home is a great way to spend some of your time during social isolation, and it’s much needed. No matter what your skillsets and passions are, there are numerous opportunities to volunteer online or from your home.

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Letters to Athletes

Looking to send some encouragement from athletes while we’re all at home! Let us know how many letters you would like to write and we will supply a list of athletes. Supply your own materials, and then once you’re done, send them to our office at 5280 Foxridge Drive, Mission, KS 66202 where we will address and send them out to the athletes.

Letters can include messages of encouragement, your favorite Special Olympics memory, what you miss about events, what event you’re looking forward to when we return.


Virtual Health and Fitness

The individual in this volunteer position will conduct virtual training sessions, create training videos, provide nutrition or workout tips or facilitate virtual conversations around health and wellness topics with Athletes and Unified Partners. We are open to other ideas on how you can assist us in keeping our athletes healthy using a virtual platform.


Translation of Documents

Fluent in English and Spanish? We need documents translated to Spanish to better serve our Spanish speaking families and volunteers. Documents include registration forms, webpages, rules, volunteer handbooks, flyers and more. You tell us how much time you have and we will supply an appropriate amount of material to be translated.


Sport Specific Individual Training Videos 

Help our athletes train from home! Create training videos that our athletes can use to work on sport specific skills. Examples include: basketball ball handling drills, soccer shooting drills, chipping a golf ball, etc. Show off your skills and help our athletes get better away from their team training environment.


Volunteer Biographer

Do you love to write? Become a journalist/biographer for SOKS! This opportunity involves interviewing one of our athletes or longtime volunteers and writing a short feature article (200-300 words max) about their experience with Special Olympics Kansas.

A template of questions will be provided or you can feel free to come up with your own! Interviews can be conducted via phone or email which we will assist in setting up. Use the responses you receive to draft the article.


Digital Archive Project

Special Olympics Kansas has many event programs, photos and other documents that need to be digitally archived. For this project, Special Olympics Kansas would provide the volunteer with a stack of documents or photos to be taken home by the volunteer and scanned into a digital format. You tell us how much time you have and we will supply you with the appropriate amount of documents.



Do you have a skill that you would like to share with Special Olympics Kansas? Pitch us your idea on how you can help!

more Ways You Can Help

Social Media Advocate

Like, Share, and Repost Special Olympics Kansas content on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!


Donate Auction Items – Special Olympics Kansas has had two major auctions cancelled and another one impacted significantly. We are moving to an online auction format this Fall and are in need of items. Fill out this online form or contact Luke Schulte at for more information.

Donate PPE – Protective gear like masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and other personal protective equipment is needed by our teams and the organization for trainings and competitions. Items can be delivered to 5280 Foxridge Drive, Mission, KS 66202 or contact Chris Burt at to organize a pick-up.

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