Congratulations to Shawnee Police Department: Top Fundraisers for 2018 with an amazing total of $41,531.41!

Thank you to all law enforcement members who helped raise a grand total of $504,455.99 in 2018!


  • 2 truck convoys
  • 11 Polar Plunges
  • 32 Tip-A-Cop or Cops-On-Top events
  • 37 Years of KS LETR
  • 1,113 miles ran in ceremonial Torch Runs in Kansas
  • 1,712 KS Law Enforcement members participated
  • 24,413 medals and ribbons presented to SOKS athletes by KS LETR members
  • Countless numbers of high fives, fist bumps and smiles!


Click the tabs below to see the total amount raised by Law Enforcement Agencies throughout Kansas in 2018.

KS LETR State Directors

2018-2020: Chris Moore (Pittsburg Police Department)
2015-2017: Jeff Bragg (Olathe Police Department)
2012-2014: Dennis Shaw (McPherson Police Department)
2009-2011: Bill Lovewell (Hays Police Department)
2006-2008: Mark Malick (Saline County Sheriff’s Office / KBI)
2003-2005: Tim Burnett (Merriam Police Department)
2001-2003: Dean Harcrow (Hutchinson Police Department)
1999-2001: Kevin Koster (Cawker City Police Department)
1997-1999: Steve Ragan (Kansas Highway Patrol)
1995-1997: Tim Driscoll (St. John Police Department)
1992-1994: Lloyd Hammerick (Wichita Airport Authority)
1990-1992: Robbie Davenport (Wichita Police Department)
1988-1990: Greg Martens (Wichita Police Department)
1985-1987: Donald Ipsen (Wichita Police Department)

2018 Diamond Award of Excellence

Shawnee Police Department     $41,531.41

Topeka Police Department     $29,862.35

Overland Park Police Department     $28,161.00

Pittsburg Police Department     $27,955.71

Merriam Police Department     $26,194.80

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office     $24,720.76

Lyon County Sheriff’s Office     $22,316.17

Leawood Police Department     $20,225.35

Lawrence Police Department     $17,713.97

Prairie Village Police Department     $17,602.60

Emporia Police Department      $15,401.00

Ottawa Police Department     $15,182.77

2018 Ruby Award of Excellence - $10,001 - $15,000

Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office      $11,698.00

Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office      $11,636.30

Riley County Police Department      $11,381.14

Garden City Police Department      $11,348.80

Olathe Police Department      $11,244.08

Reno County Sheriff’s Office      $10,963.09

Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office      $10,886.41

Junction City Police Department      $10,643.03

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office      $9,070.54

2018 Emerald Award of Excellence - $7,501- $10,000

Dodge City Police Department      $8,948.98

Wichita Police Department      $6,421.95

Goodland Police Department      $6,355.00

Salina Police Department      $5,883.65

Lenexa Police Department      $5,829.75

Haysville Police Department      $5,500.00

Hutchinson Police Department      $5,000.00

Gray County Sheriff’s Office      $5,000.00

2018 Sapphire Award of Excellence

Dodge City Police Department      $8,948.98

Wichita Police Department      $6,421.95

Goodland Police Department      $6,355.00

Salina Police Department      $5,883.65

Lenexa Police Department      $5,829.75

Haysville Police Department      $5,500.00

Hutchinson Police Department      $5,000.00

Gray County Sheriff’s Office      $5,000.00

Richard LaMunyon Hall of Fame

The Richard LaMunyon Torch Run Hall of Fame was created to recognize outstanding individuals who have significantly contributed to the statewide success of the Kansas Law Enforcement Torch Run benefiting Special Olympics.  The winner’s involvement must demonstrate a sustained and significant contribution to the achievement of the goals of the Kansas Law Enforcement Torch Run.  The minimum requirements for this award are at least five (5) years of participation with the Kansas Torch Run, outstanding achievement in program development, organization and fundraising success.

Congratulations to the 2018 Richard LaMunyon Hall of Fame winner Corporal Jeremiah Waters from the Merriam Police Department. Cpl. Waters has been involved with the Torch Run for 15 years and is the co-organizer for two fundraising events in the Metro – the Heroes Pull and the Memorabilia Auction. He is also the LETR liason for his department which runs the annual Popcorn Standoff at Cinemark and a Cover the Cruiser event at IKEA. Cpl. Waters attends several state competitions each year to  cheer for athletes and award medals. He also attends and assists with several Polar Plunge events throughout the state and he has helped with the Truck Convoy for Special Olympics Kansas.

Past Winners

2018: Jeremiah Waters (Merriam Police Department)
2017: David Nienstedt (Wichita Police Department)
2016: Adam Taylor (Prairie Village Police Department)
2015: Kristi Powell (Topeka Police Department)
2014: Christopher Moore (Pittsburg Police Department)
2013: John Koelsch (Lyon County Sheriff’s Office)
2012: Jeff Bragg (Olathe Police Department)
2011: Todd Martens (McPherson Police Department)
2010: Shawn Farris (Leawood Police Department)
2009: Mark Malick (Kansas Bureau of Investigations)
2008: Tim Burnett (Merriam Police Department)
2006: Sergeant Brad McCaffree (Wichita Police Department)
2005: William Lovewell (Hays Police Department)
2004: Mike Daniels (Merriam Police Department)
2003: Dean Harcrow (Hutchinson Police Department)
2002: Dennis Shaw (McPherson Police Department)
2001: Stephen Ragan (Kansas Highway Patrol)
2000: Robbie Davenport (Wichita Police Department)
1999: Tim Driscoll (St. John Police Department)
1998: Kevin Koster (Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office)
1997: Ron Puterbaugh (Ottawa Police Department)
1997: Lee Martinez (Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office)
1996: Lloyd Hamrick (Wichita Airport Authority)
1996: Walt Kuykendall (Wichita Police Department)
1996: Richard LaMunyon (Wichita Police Department)

International Law Enforcement Torch Run Awards

John Carion Unsung Hero Award

The John Carion Award was created to recognize outstanding individuals who have contributed to the success of the Law Enforcement Torch Run on a local, state or community level. The John Carion “Unsung Hero” is someone who contributes to the Torch Run and Special Olympics in spirit, dedication and enthusiasm in an effective and unheralded fashion. The award was created to honor the memory of Sgt. John Carion, Sterling Heights (MI) Police Department and his many contributions to the Law Enforcement Torch Run and Special Olympics. The Unsung Hero award is a tribute to Sergeant John Carion, who epitomized the term “Unsung Hero” during his lifetime before his untimely death in a plane crash in January, 1994. John was a low-key, quiet, but effective leader in the Torch Run effort, especially in the areas of law enforcement volunteerism for Special Olympics and furthering the ideals of Unified Sports in Special Olympics.

Kansas Unsung Heroes

2014: Dennis Shaw (McPherson Police Department)
2011: Shawn Farris (Leawood Police Department)