Sports & Competitions Overview

Special Olympics Kansas offer year-round training and athletic competition in 20 Olympic-type sports to children and adults with Intellectual Disabilities. Participation is open to anyone ages 8 and older, and programs are designed to serve all ability levels. For sport rules, rules updates, coaching guides and more, visit Special Olympics Inc. Coaching Guide Page.

SOKS offers Coaches Training Schools throughout the year.  Please visit the SOKS calendar of events for dates and locations or contact Chris Burt at

To view sport specific information (ie, rules, coaches certification tests and events offered), please click on the sport listed below.

Winter Sports

State Competition in Winter includes the John L. Cassidy Heartland Winter Games which are typically held in late January or early February. Skiing events take place in Weston, Mo., skating events take place in St. Joseph, Mo., and floor hockey takes place in Nebraska.

Alpine Skiing

Events Offered: :
Novice – Downhill, Giant Slalom, Slalom
Intermediate – Downhill, Giant Slalom, Slalom
Advanced – Down Hill, Giant Slalom, Slalom
Alpine Super Glide
Alpine Glide

Alpine Guide and Rules

Alpine Coach Certification Test

State Competition: John L. Cassidy Heartland Winter Games

Cross Country Skiing

Events Offered: 25M Race, 50M Race,100 M Race, 500M Race, 1K Race

Cross Country Guide and Rules

Cross Country Coach Certification Test

State Competition: John L. Cassidy Heartland Winter Games

Figure Skating

Events Offered:  Figure Skating Compulsories, Figure Skating Free Skate

Figure Skating Guide

Figure Skating Rules


State Competition: John L. Cassidy Heartland Winter Games

Floor Hockey

Floor Hockey Guide

Floor Hockey Rules

Floor Hockey Coach Certification Test

State Competition: John L. Cassidy Heartland Winter Games


Events Offered:  50M Race, 100M Race, 200M Race, 400M Race

Snowshoeing Guide

Snowshoeing Rules

Snowshoeing Coaching Certification Test

State Competition: John L. Cassidy Heartland Winter Games

Speed Skating

Events Offered:  111M Race, 333M Race, 500 M Race, 1,000 M Race

Speed Skating Guide and Rules


State Competition: John L. Cassidy Heartland Winter Games

Spring Sports

State Competition in Spring includes the State Basketball and Cheer and State Powerlifting and Bocce Tournaments. Basketball and cheer competition typically takes place in March and is split between Hays and Topeka. State powerlifting and bocce typically takes place in April or May in Lawrence. 


Events Offered:  Large Squad, Small Squad

2020 Cheerleading Rules w Stunts

Cheerleading Coach Certification Test

State Competition: Basketball and Cheer


Events offered: Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift, Sit-ups, Arm Curls

Powerlifting Guide

Powerlifting Rules

Powerlifting Coach Certification Test


Events Offered: Bocce Singles, Bocce Doubles, Bocce Team

Bocce Guide

Bocce Rules

Bocce Modifications

Bocce Coach Certification Test

Summer Sports

State Competition in Summer includes the Summer Games and Bowling. Summer Games typically take place the first weekend in June in Wichita. Bowling typically takes place in August in Johnson County. 

Athletics (Track and Field)

Track Events: 50m Race, 100m Race, 200m Race, 400m Race, 800m Race, 1500M Race, 4×100 relay

Race Walking Events: 100m Race Walk, 200m Race Walk, 400m Race Walk

Field Events: Standing Long Jump, Running Long Jump, Shot Put – Men – 4kg/8.13lbs Women – 2.72kg/6lbs, Softball Throw, Turbo Javelin

Wheel Chair Events: 25m Manual Race, 25m Motorized Race, 100m Manual Race, 100m Motorized Race, 30m Manual Slalom, 30m Motorized Slalom, 25m Manual Obstacle, 25m Motorized Obstacle Race, 50m Manual Slalom, 50m Motorized Slalom, 4 x 25m Manual Shuttle Relay, 4 x 25m Motorized Shuttle Relay, Wheelchair Shot Put – Men – 1.81kg/4lbs, Shot Put – Women – 1.36kg/3lbs

(Low Motor) Developmental Events: 10m Race Walk, 10m Assisted Race Walk, 25m Run, 25m Race Walk , 50m Walk, 25m Assisted Race Walk, 10m Manual Wheelchair Event, 10m Motorized Wheelchair Event, Ball Throw for Distance (Tennis Ball)

Athletics Guide

Athletics Rules

Athletics Modifications

Athletics Event Participation Ratio Policy

Athletics Clarifications Turbo Jav and Shot Put


Athletics Coach Certification Test


Turbo Jav Training Book

Turbo Jav Grips Video

Turbo Jav Steps Video

State Competition: Summer Games


Events offered: 500m Race, 3K Race, 1K Race, 5K Race

Cycling Guide

Cycling Rules

Cycling Modification Rules

Cycling Coach Certification Test

State Competition: Summer Games


Events Offered: Match Play, Lead Up Skills

Tennis Guide

Tennis Rules

Tennis Coach Certification Test

State Competition: Summer Games


Events Offered: Bowling Singles, Bowling Doubles

Bowling Guide

Bowling Rules

Bowling Modification Rules (2019)

Bowling Coach Certification Test

State Competition: Bowling

Fall Sports

State Competitions in the fall includes the Fall Outdoor Classic which includes the Charles E. Watson Softball Tournament, Golf and Flag football and the Fall Indoor Classic which includes Swimming Volleyball. The Fall Outdoor Classic typically takes place in October in Wichita. The Fall Indoor Classic typically takes place in November and is split between Shawnee (Volleyball) and Topeka (Swimming).


Events Offered: Slow Pitch Softball, Coach Pitch Softball, T-Ball and Home Run Derby

Softball Guide


Softball Skills Assessment

Softball Coach Certification Test

State Competition: Charles E. Watson Softball Tournament at the Fall Outdoor Classic


Events Offered: Stroke Play, Unified

Golf Guide

Golf Rules

Golf Modification Rules

USGA Golf Rules

Golf Coach Certification Test

State Competition: Fall Outdoor Classic

Flag Football

Flag Football Guide

State Competitions: Fall Outdoor Classic


Traditional Events:
25m Freestyle, 50m Freestyle, 100m Freestyle, 25m Backstroke, 50m Backstroke, 25m Breaststroke,
50m Breaststroke, 25m Butterfly, 50m Butterfly, 100m Individual Medley,4 x 25m Freestyle Relay,
4 x 25m Medley Relay

Developmental Events:
10m Assisted Walk, 20m Assisted Walk, 15m Walk, 25m Walk, 15m Flotation Race, 25m Flotation Race,
10m Assisted Swim, 10m Unassisted Swim, 20m Assisted Swim, 20m Unassisted Swim

Swimming Guide

Swimming Rules

Swimming Coach Certification Test

State Competition: Fall Indoor Classic