Special Olympics Kansas would like to invite new and returning athletes and families to participate in our next statewide Year-Round Health and Fitness Program, the 2020 SOKS Parks & Trails Tour as a way to inspire Health and Fitness goals. This fitness program is sponsored by united healthcare.


This fall, join athletes from across the state to reach 1,000 points by walking trails, identifying wildlife, tracking steps/mileage, and hunting down geocaches! Does your team have what it takes to steal the Gold?? The program will begin on August 16th and end 10 weeks later on October 24th. The Challenge will end with recognition and awards for each of the team’s achievements!


Medals and Ribbons are awarded to the Top 8 Teams and Health Hero medals will be awarded to all those who participate!

350 Points – Fit 5 T-Shirt

700 Points – Fit 5 Tote Bag

1,000 Points – Fit 5 Socks and enter for the Grand Prize Drawing

Did you know… on average, a person walks 2 miles throughout their day?? Put these miles to use in our Parks & Trails Tour!



The 2020 SOKS Parks & Trails Tour will be entirely team based. Grab a Unified group of 2-5 team members (Unified teams consist of at least one athlete and family member or friend), come up with a Team Name, and work together towards an overall healthier lifestyle! Teams will be required to complete the Pre and Post Health Measurements Test before and after the program.

In light of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, one of the best ways to stay healthy is to exercise (along with proper hydration and nutrition). In fact, it is recommended to walk, run, or exercise outdoors, during this time of threat. We recommend using this fitness challenge program to get you on your feet and outdoors!

Points System

+ 10 Points available per day for walking on any trail.

+ Points for Wildlife Identification (All identifications must be different but may repeat in the following week. Example: Teams may claim one point for finding each of the following but not limited to birds: Robin, Cardinal, Duck, Goose, Blue Jay, Falcon, Eagle, Hawk, Hummingbird, Owl). Categories:

Identify 10 Insects/Spiders: 10 Points

Identify 10 Fish: 10 Points

Identify 10 Birds: 10 Points

Identify 10 Plants/Trees: 10 Points

Identify 10 Mammals: 10 Points

Identify 10 Amphibians: 10 Points

+ 50 Points available per week for finding a Geocache and taking a picture with it. (Teams cannot find the same Geocache each week.)

+ 5 Points per Facebook Post – limited to 2 per week.

+ Points for Steps/Mileage (Accumulate steps anywhere, 24 hours a day). Team mileage points are based on team size:

Team of 2 Team of 3 Team of 4 Team of 5
10 Points < 30 Miles < 45 Miles < 60 Miles < 75 Miles
15 Points 30 – 80 Miles 45 – 120 Miles 60 – 160 Miles 75 – 200 Miles
20 Points > 80 Miles > 120 Miles > 160 Miles > 200 Miles

Getting Started is Easy


Team Enrollment

1. Select a Challenge Coordinator (18+) for managing the challenge paperwork and keeping the team motivated!
2. Team must contain at least 1 Athlete and 1 Unified partner (friend or family)
3. The overall team should have a similar number of athletes and Unified partners and is limited to 5 total participants. If you have more than 5, consider breaking into two or more teams.
4. Forms completed by Challenge Coordinator. Fitness measurements for each participant includes: Resting Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Height and Weight.
5. Challenge Coordinators will complete a “Post-test” Fitness report with updates on weight, height, blood pressure, and resting heart rate.

Track Points

Point Tracker Submission Methods

Download and print the PDF Point Tracker to keep track of your points during the week. Submit this form weekly through the online Weekly Point Tracker.

Download and print the PDF Point Tracker to keep track of your points during the week. Scan and send this form by email to Jesse at or fax to (913) 236-9771.

All participants must be registered with Special Olympics Kansas and complete a COVID-19 Participant Code of Conduct and Risk Assessment Form

COVID-19 Participant Code of Conduct and Risk Assessment Form (Completed by all participants)

Athletes: Medical/Release Form

Volunteers/Unified Partner: Class A/Unified Partner Form

Other: Virtual Release Form


Please Review these Guidelines

Discover Kansas’ 4,971 Trails covering more than 5,000 miles:

Wildlife Identifications – Download the free app: Seek by iNaturalist on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Plants and Animals to Avoid

Geocaching: Create a free account –


Steps/Mileage: Fitness Tracker, Pedometer, Pre-marked track or trail distance, Smartphone Health App,

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Questions? Reach out to Jesse Lyle at