Special Olympics Kansas Medical Directory


Athletes might receive referrals for follow-up care from any of the Healthy Athletes screenings, and Special Olympics Kansas is committed to assisting them find the services and resources that they require when they return to their local communities.

We have created a Directory with contact information of Providers. These Providers have signed an application agreeing to screen individuals with intellectual disabilities.


Color Coded

Green = Primary Care, Dental, Behavioral Health
Red = Primary Care
Orange = Mental Health
Purple = Physical Therapy
Blue = Dental
Yellow = Hearing

Location Information

Click on a location for a description of the facility and services offered along with contact information.

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Further Assistance

To assist you with finding a health provider that lives near you, we have created this Medical Directory. If you have trouble locating one of these health providers or someone from your community, please feel free to contact us.

Resources from UnitedHealthcare

Medicaid plans and Dual Special Needs Plans for those with Medicare and Medicaid benefits

The difference between Medicare and Medicaid

Food Benefit Flyer

Get UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete Flyer

DSNP Business Card  – This is a specific contact that athletes can call (or their parents) to sign up for UHC Health Insurance: Medicare, Medicaid, or Dual Complete.

DSNP Chiropractic Flyer – Dual Complete athletes can obtain 20 free chiropractic visits with UnitedHealthcare.

DSNP Dental Flyer – Dual Complete athletes will have up to $3,500 for covered dental services such as certain cleanings, fillings, crowns, bridges, root canals and extractions.

DSNP Nurseline – Dual Complete athletes will have access to a nurse hotline 24/7.

MA TeleHealth Flyer – General information for access to Telehealth.

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