Luke Pratt Named Health Messenger of the Month for August

We are over the moon to announce our next Health Messenger of the month Luke Pratt! Pratt has been a devout member of Special Olympics Kansas (SOKS) since 2015, right around when he turned 19. “I just missed all the types of sports that I did in high school, so that’s why I wanted to do Special Olympics,” said Pratt. “I especially loved and missed basketball and track and field.”

It was about two years ago, when COVID hit, that Pratt decided he wanted to get more involved and join Health Messengers. “My mom and I thought it would be interesting. I thought, ‘it is always helpful to give people advice on how to stay healthy and fix their anxieties’,” Pratt stated. He then went on to explain how COVID made it hard to go out and exercise with his friends and the masks make working out in public difficult. However, because of the Zoom exercises and webinars put on by his fellow Health Messengers, he could work out at home with his friends and even create his own workouts from them!

“I love Health Messengers because it’s nice to see new faces at the events and make new friends. They are really friends that you can trust,” exclaimed Pratt! He “enjoys” all of the health games and the many fun ways they come up with to give their peers advice. The health Jeopardy games are, “by far”, Pratt’s favorite because they help him to learn more about different, inventive workouts and how to eat and make healthy meals. He went on to say, “I love putting chunky mango in my yogurt and cinnamon in my oats. I have learned how to make healthy meals and snacks that taste good.”

When asked how he would pitch Health Messengers to his fellow athletes, Pratt responded by saying, “They should join Health Messengers so they can continue staying healthy, fit, start exercising, and get even healthier.” In all his passion, he continued on about how great his health is right now because being involved helped him to stay active during quarantine. With one final, powerful statement, Pratt said, “If any athlete wants to join us, we can help you get your health going. It’s always better to work out than sit at home and be lazy. Work hard to be fit so you can feel better. Let me know how I can help you! I can even give you tours of local gyms in Manhattan if you’re interested in getting more fit.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Pratt has been such a stellar health advocate and we cannot wait to see him lead his friends and athletes all around Kansas towards a healthier lifestyle.

If you or someone is interested in becoming a Health Messenger, feel free to contact Health and Fitness Coordinator, Erin McDaniel, at

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