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Special Olympics Kansas is divided into five geographic regions across the state.  Local Programs in each community compete within a region before moving on to state competitions. SOKS staff guide each region in all Special Olympics activities, including training, competition, fundraising, public relations, outreach and volunteer relations.

There are currently over 90 Accredited Local Programs across the state. If you would like to start a Local Program, please contact the Headquarters office at 913-236-9290 for additional information.

Search for programs by county by expanding the section below or click the map in your region to find a program in your region.

Search Local Programs by County
RegionCountyLocal ProgramCoordinatorEmail
SoutheastAllen County Allen County - 1022Joy
SoutheastAllen County Iola Special Olympics - 1002Ann Pomatto/Melanie
MetroAnderson CountyNo Teams Currently
MetroAtchison CountyAtchison Aztecs - 1130Dave
South CentralBarber County Southern Wind - 716Jenny Johnston
WestBarton County The Storm - 714Carole
SoutheastBourbon County Bourbon County Tri Valley Spec. Olym - 1020Austin
SoutheastBourbon County U-234 Ft Scott - 1003Jannah
North CentralBrown County Brown County Developmental Services -1120Debbie
North CentralBrown CountyLakeside Pin Busters - 1122Debbie
South CentralButler County Butler Blazers Sarah
South CentralChase County No Teams CurrentlyNo Teams CurrentlyNo Teams Currently
SoutheastChautauqua County Chatauqua/Elk Co Sp Olym - 1040Norma Hall/Julie;
SoutheastCherokee County SEK InterLocal - 1013Mick
WestCheyenne County No Teams Currently
WestClark County No Teams Currently
North CentralClay County Twin Lakes Tigers - 317Kraig
North CentralCloud County Legends - 204Beth
MetroCoffey CountyCoffey County Crushers - 522BNichole
South CentralComanche County Southern Wind - 716Jenny Johnston
South CentralCowley County Cowley County Dragons - 996Shelly
SoutheastCrawford County New Hope Bulldogs - 1027Rosie
SoutheastCrawford County Class Ltd. Pittsburg - 1008Justin
SoutheastCrawford County Haven Support Services - 1029Andrew  
SoutheastCrawford County Mosaic Pittsburg - 1011Marilyn
SoutheastCrawford County Twin Valley NB - 1016Gail
WestDecatur County No Teams Currently
North CentralDickinson County SEDC Magic - 216John Herpich
MetroDoniphan CountyNo Teams Currently
MetroDouglas CountyDouglas County Jayhawks -
WestEdwards County No Teams Currently
SoutheastElk County Chatauqua/Elk Co Sp Olym - 1040Norma
SoutheastElk County Elk Valley - 1040Julie
WestEllis County The ARC of Central Plains - 102Laurie
North CentralEllsworth County No Teams Currently
WestFinney County Garden City Tigers - 807Susan
WestFord County Dodge City Dodgers - 710Ron
MetroFranklin CountyMidwest Wildfires - 504Becky Hastings/Sean
WestGary County No Teams CurrentlyNo Teams Currently
North CentralGeary County Junction City PaceSetters - 306John
WestGove County No Teams Currently
WestGraham County No Teams Currently
WestGrant County Ulysses Special Olympics - 806Mary
WestGreeley County No Teams Currently
SoutheastGreenwood County No Teams Currently
WestHamilton County No Teams Currently
South CentralHarper County No Teams Currently
South CentralHarvey County Harvey County Wildcats - 661DanIelle
WestHaskell County No Teams Currently
WestHodgeman County No Teams Currently
North CentralJackson County Holton Bulldogs - 1139David
North CentralJackson County Holton Hurricanes - 1114Jennifer
MetroJefferson CountyJefferson County Super Heros - 1132Richard
North CentralJewell County No Teams Currently
MetroJohnson CountyBlue Valley Blue Streaks - 450Roman
MetroJohnson CountyGardner Gold - 464Adraina
MetroJohnson CountyJCPRD Rangers - 446Lise
MetroJohnson CountyOlathe Trailblazers - 420Elizabeth
WestKearny County No Teams Currently
South CentralKingman County Southern Wind - 716Jenny Johnston
South CentralKiowa County Southern Wind - 716Jenny Johnston
SoutheastLabette County Class LTD – Parsons - 1009Vince
SoutheastLabette County Rescare Kansas Parsons - 1006Aimee
SoutheastLabette County Parsons - 1005Marlys Shomber
SoutheastLabette County RTSSK Badgers - 1052Kelly
SoutheastLabette CountySuccessful Dreams Support Services - 1054Roger
SoutheastLabette CountyOut N About Support Services -1053Shannon
WestLane County No Teams Currently
MetroLeavenworth CountyLeavenworth Cty Special Olympics - 1128Vicki
North CentralLincoln County No Teams Currently
Southeast/MetroLinn County USD 346 Jr Jayhawks – 1030
Southeast/MetroLinn County Tri-Ko - 1048Pamela
WestLogan CountyNo Teams Currently
South CentralLyon County Emporia Express - 514Nancy
South CentralLyon County Emporia Indies -523Roy
South CentralLyon County Hartford Jaguars - 508Yvonne
North CentralMarion County No Teams Currently
North CentralMarshall County The Roadrunners - 312SueAnn
North CentralMarshall CountyTwin Valley Tornadoes- 1125Nichole Edwardstwinvalleyrecycling2020@gmai
North CentralMcpherson County McPherson Bull Pups - 212Tami
WestMeade County No teams Currently
MetroMiami CountyAgape, LLC - 456Melody
MetroMiami CountyFrontier League Champion - 462
MetroMiami CountyLakemary Stars - Youth - 515Sara
MetroMiami CountyLakemary Stars - 519Joshua
MetroMiami CountyPrairie View Buffalos - 470Cheryl
North CentralMitchell County Beloit Area PostRockers - 202Mary
SoutheastMontgomery CountyClass Ltd Montgomery County - 1007Bianca
SoutheastMontgomery County Montgomery Co – Adams - 1036BDebbie
SoutheastMontgomery County Mosaic Coffeyville - 1011APatricia
North CentralMorris County No teams Currently
WestMorton County No Teams Currently
North CentralNemaha County Nemaha County Blazers - 319Roxie
North CentralNemaha CountyLakeside Pin Busters - 1122Debbie
SoutheastNeosho County ANW-Chanute - 1044Cynthia
WestNess County No Teams Currently
WestNorton County No Teams Currently
North Central/MetroOsage County Three Lakes Coop - 505Amy
WestOsborne County No Teams Currently
North CentralOttawa County No Teams Currently
WestPawnee County No Teams Currently
WestPhillips County No Teams Currently
North CentralPottawatomie County The Roadrunners - 312SueAnn
South CentralPratt County Southern Wind - 716Jenny Johnston
WestRawlins County Northwest Winds - 129Barbara
South CentralReno CountyAll Stars of Hutchinson - 750Gail
South CentralReno CountyEagles of Reno County - 675Leann
South CentralReno CountyBuhler Special Olympics - 709Shirleen
South CentralReno CountyHutchinson/Reno Cty Hawks - 727Loretta
South CentralReno CountyNickerson South Hutch Cats - 726Dan Brinkley
North CentralRepublic County Republic County ARC - 206Ronda
North CentralRice County No Teams Currently
North CentralRiley County Manhattan Special Olympics - 310Kim
WestRooks County Solomon Valley ARC Larks - 115Dave
WestRush County No Teams Currently
WestRussell County Russell Roughriders - 203Cecilia
North CentralSaline County Saline Co ARC - 205Wendy
North CentralSaline CountySmoky Valley Vikings - 207Angela Price
WestScott County No Teams Currently
South CentralSedgwick County Air Capital Flyers - 670Glenn
South CentralSedgwick County Derby Free Spirits - 610Kayla
South CentralSedgwick County Haysville Hornets - 644Julie
South CentralSedgwick County Heartspring Hawks - 615
South CentralSedgwick County New Hope Jaguars - 629Katie
South CentralSedgwick County Sedgwick County Thundercats - 633Chris
South CentralSedgwick County Wichita Independents - 614Kim
South CentralSedgwick County Wichita Jayhawks & Mustangs - 612Steve
South CentralSedgwick County Wichita Saints - 628Myra
WestSeward County No Teams Currently
North CentralShawnee County Topeka Jr Blues - 1116Mike
North CentralShawnee County Topeka/Shawnee - 1112Rita
WestSheridan County No Teams Currently
WestSherman County Rescare Goodland - 107Tamara
WestSherman CountyGoodland Mustangs - 109Angela Mangum
WestSmith CountyNo Teams Currently
South CentralStafford CountySouthern Wind - 716Jenny Johnston
WestStanton CountyNo Teams Currently
WestStevens CountyNo Teams Currently
South CentralSumner CountyNo Teams Currently
WestThomas CountyColby Angels - 103Denise
WestTrego CountyNorthwest Kansas Special Oly. - 118Doug
North CentralWabaunsee CountyNo Teams Currently
WestWallace CountyNo Teams Currently
North CentralWashington CountySheila's Purple Power - 314Rita
WestWichita CountyNo Teams Currently
SoutheastWilson CountyTri-County InterLocal - 1010Carl Dinkel
SoutheastWoodson CountyNo Teams Currently
MetroWyandotte CountyBonner Springs Special Olympics - 410Tracy
MetroWyandotte CountyKCK Kings - 416
MetroWyandotte CountyTimberwolves - 468
MetroWyandotte CountyWyandotte County Bears - 430Christina Zuniga


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