The Special Olympics Kansas Inclusive Health Committee provides guidance and support for Special Olympics Kansas Inclusive Health programs and initiatives. 



The committee works with SOKS staff, partners, health care providers, volunteers, and others to help:

  • Develop exemplary healthcare for athletes
  • Increase reach of healthy athletes
  • Grow year-round Inclusive Health opportunities
  • Promote ongoing virtual fitness programming
  • Promote performance stations/health education stations
  • Provide training and activate health advocates (such as coaches, health messengers, families & caregivers, healthcare providers & students, and frontline & community health workers)
  • Grow our university health network and general partnerships


Expected time commitment

  • Approximately 1-2 hours per month or as needed.
  • Quarterly meetings will take place on Zoom and in-person meetings will be planned in the future.
  • During these meetings; we will review, develop, plan, and execute SOKS Inclusive Health programs to better the health of our athletes.

Committee representation

1-2 Athlete Representatives
1-2 Health Messengers
1-2 Parent Representatives
1-2 LPC or Coach Representatives
1-2 Healthy Athlete Clinical Director
1-2 Health Care Professionals (PA, Nurse, MD, DO)


  • Collaborate with SOKS to improve the health of individuals with intellectual disabilities
  • Invites the medical community to offer their input in regards to Healthy Athletes screenings, health education programs, follow up care events, and potential new opportunities for Healthy Athletes
  • Encourages networking between medical professionals in order to create opportunities for more involvement, sponsorships, and resources to support Healthy Athletes initiatives
  • Advises SOKS on Public Policy and health related topics that relate to aiding individuals with intellectual disabilities in accessing health care
  • Focuses on the expansion of the Special Olympics Fit 5 program by Training and Activating Health Advocates
  • Helps provide guidance and support for Year-Round Inclusive Health Opportunities for athletes, throughout the lifespan.
  • Identifies opportunities to create partnerships with University Health Networks and identifies potential partnerships across Kansas.
  • Advises SOKS delegations on exercise programs and advanced unified training opportunities available for partners and athletes
  • Creates and maintains partnerships with organizations looking to receive Unified Training Certification and implement unified sports and wellness programming.

apply Now!

The committee is forming now. Apply by December 31st to be considered for membership in the inaugural Inclusive Health Committee.