Special Olympics Kansas would like to invite you to participate in our statewide I-70 Challenge as a way to inspire health and fitness goals.



Join athletes from around the state in our challenge to reach 405 miles of walking, running and other activity between April 1 and July 10. The program will officially kick-off on April 1 but you can join at any time. We will end the challenge with recognition and awards at the Special Olympics Kansas Program Conference on July 10th in Salina (attendance encouraged but not required).

Program Description

Participants will track their mileage (steps), submit the Mileage Tracker form and “move” across the state of Kansas. Based on completed mileage, we have created checkpoint locations where incentives will be earned. The overall goal distance to complete during the challenge is 405 miles which is the distance from Kansas City to Goodland. Average daily mileage for the 101 day challenge is approximately 4 miles per day.


125 Miles (Junction City) – Fit 5 Socks

265 miles (Hays) – Fit 5 Tote Bag

405 miles (Goodland) – Fit 5 Shirt + Entered to win a prize package

All participants who complete the I-70 Challenge will be entered for a Grand Prize drawing.

Did you know… on average, a person walks 2 miles throughout their day?? Put these miles to use in our I-70 Challenge!

Unified Team

Take the challenge a step further and form a Unified team. Unified teams consist of at least one athlete and one family member or friend. Work together towards the goal of an overall healthier lifestyle! Unified teams that do the challenge (not required to hit total goal) and provide pre and post challenge fitness measurements will receive additional incentives and top team prizes.

In light of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, one of the best ways to stay healthy is to exercise (along with proper hydration and nutrition). In fact, it is recommended to walk, run, or exercise outdoors, during this time of threat. We recommend using this fitness challenge program to get you on your feet and outdoors!

individual registration

  • Enter the I-70 Challenge by downloading and completing the registration form below either online or using a downloadable form that you can print.
  • Engage in walking, jogging, running and other activities on a daily basis to rack up miles.
  • Use a mileage tracker to track your daily miles (mileage can be measured using a personal fitness tracker, smart phone, map and measure your walk online using MapMyWalk or a similar resource, have someone drive the path in their car to measure distance.
  • Submit mileage trackers to Special Olympics Kansas
  • Share updates, tips, ideas, information on who is exceeding expectations in their team, etc. – Join the Healthy Athletes of Kansas Facebook group and/or post using #I-70Challenge.
  • Don’t forget to track all of your mileage (steps) including practices and work. Track all day!
  • Download Printable Registration Form

unified team/family registration

  1. Select a Challenge Coordinator (18+) for managing the challenge paperwork and keeping the team motivated!
  2. Team must contain at least 1 Athlete and 1 Unified partner (family member or friends).
  3. The overall team should have a similar number of athletes and Unified partners and is limited to 6 total participants. If you have more than 6, consider breaking into two or more teams.
  4. Forms completed by Challenge Coordinator. Fitness measurements for each participant includes: Resting Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Height and Weight
  5. Challenge Coordinators will complete a “Post-test” Fitness report with updates on weight, height, blood pressure, and resting heart rate.
  6. Download Printable Registration Form

Mileage Tracking

There are two options to submit your mileage. You can use the online mileage submission form and submit weekly mileage online or you can download and print a mileage tracker and submit weekly or bi-weekly via email to Jesse at or fax (913-236-9771).Note: If you are using the online mileage submission form, we recommend keeping track of your daily miles on scrap paper or similar to have ready for the weekly submission.

Questions? Contacat Jesse Lyle at or 913-236-9290!