Georgie Fisher Named SOKS Health Messenger of the Month for June

Special Olympics Kansas Health and Fitness is proud to announce our Health Messenger of the month for June as Georgie (Gigi) Fisher! Fisher has been a dedicated member of Special Olympics Kansas since she was twelve years old, a whopping 28 years, but was recently selected this past year to be a Health Messenger. She was more than happy to accept that invitation. “I wanted to make new friends and I had a new purpose to get out and exercise,” said Fisher. “I didn’t want the younger kids to go through what I did when I was younger, being obese and heavier. I was bullied and ridiculed because I didn’t look like everyone else. You are already called ‘different’, so it definitely made things harder.”

Due to being in Health Messengers, Fisher says she is “no longer afraid to stand up for herself” when it comes to making healthy choices. “I completely took soda out of my diet but will occasionally have an iced tea or Arnold Palmer,” said Fisher. She went on to explain that because she learned to weigh her options, like water over soda or salad over fast food, she is not afraid to help her friends and other athletes make those same healthy choices. When asked how Health Messenger helped her open up to others she said, “It will help you get out of your shell and boost your self-confidence. Making healthy choices helps you feel so much better about yourself. I get out of my comfort zone more and more each year”

Fisher has been a true ‘messenger’ when it comes to recruiting other athletes to join in on all of the health and fitness fun. “It is awesome to make new friends in other states that have the same ideas and beliefs when it comes to health. We always invite each other to different events to help each other stay involved and connected,” she excitedly stated. “The friends that I have made through Health Messengers are one of my all-time favorite things. Our twice a month meetings give me that virtual time with friends that I do not get to see in-person throughout the state.”

SOKS Health and Fitness could not be more proud of Fisher and her growth of knowledge on health and fitness overall and her ability to now speak about it freely with others. Fisher is a wonderful Messenger of Health and will only continue to inspire others with her positive attitude and willingness to participate in any any all activities. We have loved highlighting all of our amazing athletes and are anxiously awaiting the announcement for next month’s winner!

For more information on SOKS Health Messengers or heath and fitness programming in general, please contact Erin McDaniel at

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