Special Olympics Kansas fit 5 program

Fit 5 is a program designed and lead by coaches/coordinators to keep track of their athlete’s exercise, nutrition, and hydration. Staying fit is more than participating in sports. It’s a lifestyle. The program consists of tracking and recording your athlete’s exercise 5 days per week, eating 5 fruits/vegetables per day, and drinking 5 bottles of water per day. Coaches will be given a toolkit that will provide them with information and resources on how to achieve the Fit 5 goals of their athletes. These tools include Fitness Cards for exercise, a week-by-week fitness guide, and tracking charts for their athletes. Fitness can start at home and transcend onto the playing field. Carrying out Fit 5 as a coach is easy and helps your athletes prioritize health and wellness. Implementing Fit 5 can mean your team’s fitness is on the right track.



To sign your local program, organization or team up, download and complete the packet below.

Enter Fit 5 by completing the enrollment packet. Please send to Special Olympics Kansas Attn: Jesse Lyle via mail, fax or email.


Submit the enrollment packet and lifestyle survey to begin!

Download the Enrollment Packet HERE

Complete the Lifestyle survey for each participant that can be found by clicking HERE

Send to:

  • Address: 5280 Foxridge Drive, Mission, KS 66202
  • Fax: 913.236.9771
  • Email:

Post a picture or video using #SOKSFit5 to Facebook during the challenge to show how you’re fitness journey is going!

After Registration


Once your program has registered for Fit 5, by submitting the enrollment packet and the lifestyle survey, Special Olympics Kansas will provide each program with a variety of resources including plenty of Fit 5 Guides and Fit 5 Cards. After completing Fit 5, programs will receive a t-shirt, water bottle, and drawstring backpack for each athlete involved in the Fit 5 program.

Weekly Exercise, Nutrition, and Hydration Tracker


Additional Resources

Fit 5 Guide

Fit 5 Fitness Cards

Healthy Placemat

For more information or questions about Fit 5 or any of our fitness programs please reach out to Chris Burt at