Effective March 23, 2021, Special Olympics Kansas will allow teams to practice outdoor sports with the following restrictions:

  •  No more than 50 team members can attend a practice – this does include coaches and volunteers that may assist with the practice
  • Masks must be worn by all participants in the practice unless they are physically practicing their event.  For instance an athlete that is running the 50m mask does not need to wear a mask, but an athlete waiting their turn to run the 50m run must wear a mask.
  • Maintain 6ft physical distance.
  • Sanitize equipment
  • Temperature checks required before athlete/coach enters practice area
  • Follow the guidelines of the facility.  This means if their restrictions are stricter than 50 people, then follow those guidelines
  • It is recommended that high risk individuals continue to remain away from group settings
  • Healthy Athletes may occur for disciplines where risk mitigation and infection control precautions can be put in place.
  • School-based activities led by schools should comply with guidance from schools/districts


Communicable Diseases Waiver – Required for all Athletes, Coaches, Unified Partners and Program Volunteers prior to attending an in-person event. This replaces the previous COVID-19 form and must be completed even if that form was previously submitted. This is intended to be a one-time only form. 

If an athlete has had COVID-19, they must consult with a physician/medical professional before returning to activity and complete a Special Olympics Kansas COVID-19 Clearance Form

Other items of note:

  • Special Olympics Kansas is working on scheduling regional track dates with a target date of Saturday, June 5th to coincide with the 40th anniversary of LETR.
  • Prior to competitions, SOKS will provide teams with guidelines/restrictions for travel to competitions as a single group
  • SOKS is also working on Spring sports include bocce, corn hole, cycling and tennis
  • SOKS is hopeful for bowling in the summer

Guiding Principles:

  1. The health and safety of all members of the Special Olympics movement is paramount. Athlete and volunteer health are more important than anything else and return to play is second. If we do not feel that our teams are following the protocols outlined below or we do not feel we can safely hold a competition, plans for return to activity will be scaled back.
  2. We can’t underestimate the importance of Special Olympics activities for our athlete’s physical and mental health. Keeping in mind guiding principle 1, we are committed to getting athletes together for sports training and competition.
  3. While we recommend programs participate in our Spring sports season, local programs not wanting to participate in sports specific training, can participate in health and fitness programming only. SOKS has several options available.
  4. Protect yourself and others! These are intended as minimum guidelines.
  5. Guidance is based on current medical information available at the time of publication. As knowledge of COVID-19 is changing rapidly, guidance will continue to evolve.

Communicate potential cases to the local health authorities for testing and to the SOKS COVID-19 Response Point Person: Chris Burt ( / 785-760-3519)

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