Join us for a special virtual event to celebrate our SOKS Champions!

December 11th – 6 pm – facebook live

Join us via Facebook Live for a night to honor the Champions of Special Olympics Kansas! Throughout the night, you at home will be lucky enough to get a glimpse of several of these champions, as we will be showcasing the winners of this year’s Special Olympics Kansas awards. This year’s winners have reflected the truth about what it means to be a part of Special Olympics. Their hard work and dedication stood out to the communities they shine in, and we are excited to celebrate that! Throughout the night, there will be multiple opportunities for you to donate to Special Olympics Kansas to support the activities for over 4,000 Champions across the state of Kansas!

We know that receiving a SOKS award is a very special moment in the life of every athlete, coach, volunteer, family, and LETR member who is chosen, so we are determined to continue this special tradition virtually this year. We are so excited for this night, and cannot wait for each of you to tune in!

Awards to be handed out are as follows: Five Hall of Fame Inductees, 2020 Coach of the Year, 2020 Coach of the Year, 2020 LETR Champion of the Year, 2020 Family of the Year, 2020 Regional Organizations of the Year, 2020 Richard LaMunyon Hall of Fame Award, and the 2020 Miriam Greenfield Courage Award.

Join us as we celebrate these champions and enjoy special appearances by Tim Shriver, Dalton Risner, and more!