Blake Docking

Blake Docking – 2019 Special Olympics Kansas Hall of Fame Inductee

Blake is 100% dedicated to a year round sports training and conditioning program. He has participated in the Olathe Trailblazers local team sports programs for 28 years. As a child, he was anxiously waiting to turn 8 so he could participate. 

Blake has great sportsmanship. He is an amazing team player, and loves his teammates, coaches and all involved with the program. 

Blake’s enthusiasm for sports and his fellow athletes encourages others to “want what Blake has”. He often takes other athletes hands and encourages them to participate. 

Blake has been the face of the Trailblazers for almost 30 years. He and his family support the team in fundraising efforts, video productions and various media spotlights. Blake is a happy, caring, kind and generous individual. His smile and laughter are contagious and the rest of the world feels better being in his presence. 

Highlights of Blake’s career: 

  • 2006 National Golf Tournament
  • 2010 National Golf Tournament
  • Attended the Special Olympics 50th Anniversary in Chicago, 2018 and ran with the torch in the Final Leg.
  • Was a model for the 2019 Charlie Hustle Special Olympics Kansas t-shirt
  • Attended the 2019 Royals Charity Golf Tournament as an athlete representative and was chosen to sit in the Buck O’Neal seat a a Royals game.

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