Athletics (track & field) is offered at our Summer Games, which is usually held the 1st weekend of June.  We offer a variety of competition events ranging from races to long jumps to the softball throw.

Track Events:   50m Race, 100m Race, 200m Race, 400m Race, 800m Race, 1500M Race, 4×100 relay





Race Walking Events:  100m Race Walk, 200m Race Walk, 400m Race Walk

Field Events:   Standing Long Jump, Running Long Jump, Shot Put – Men – 4kg/8.13lbs Women – 2.72kg/6lbs, Softball Throw, Turbo Javelin

Wheel Chair Events:  25m Manual Race, 25m Motorized Race, 100m Manual Race, 100m Motorized Race, 30m Manual Slalom, 30m Motorized Slalom, 25m Manual Obstacle, 25m Motorized Obstacle Race, 50m Manual Slalom, 50m Motorized Slalom, 4 x 25m Manual Shuttle Relay, 4 x 25m Motorized Shuttle Relay, Wheelchair Shot Put – Men – 1.81kg/4lbs, Shot Put – Women – 1.36kg/3lbs

(Low Motor) Developmental Events:  10m Race Walk, 10m Assisted Race Walk, 25m Run, 25m Race Walk , 50m Walk, 25m Assisted Race Walk, 10m Manual Wheelchair Event, 10m Motorized Wheelchair Event,        Ball Throw for Distance (Tennis Ball)

Athletics Training Schools & Location

To view upcoming Coaches Sport Specific Training Schools and Locations, click here.  Any questions regarding Sport Specific Coaches Training Schools, please contact Chris Burt at