Special Olympics Kansas produces various monthly, annual and event-based publications each year, which we encourage you to read and enjoy.  In an effort to make sure as much of our donors’ support goes directly toward providing training, competition, outreach and services as possible, we have shifted our publications and communications to being offered in an electronic format only.

The Special Olympics Kansas Vision as we move forward – 2016-2020 Strategic Plan

Special Olympics Kansas Reach Report


SOKS publishes 10 e-newsletters (Fan Reports) a year.  If you would like to receive the Fan Report, please email us at  The Fan Report is sent monthly, with a few special editions throughout the year.  SOKS does not share, trade or sell our e-mail addresses.

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Annual Reports are usually available by the second  quarter of the year. These publications are a re-cap of highlights from the previous year and contain unaudited financial information.  (Audited financial information is available in third quarter).


 Audited Financial Statements and 990’s are available on the Financial webpage.

Global Reach Report

In 2015, Special Olympics served 4,931,754 athletes worldwide, an increase of more than 233,820 athletes from 2015. Unified Sports expanded by 175,135 teammates, an increase of 14.7% over 2015!  All seven of our world Regions reported positive athlete growth.  Our athletes are involved in an incredible number of competitions, from local team games up to country-level, regional and world competitions. There were 37 countries offering Healthy Athlete programs; reaching out and providing services to 155,669 individuals worldwide.

Read the 2016 Global Reach Report If you are not already familiar with our international efforts, prepare to be amazed.

2016 Global Reach Report Infographic