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Families play a critical role in the continued success and growth of Special Olympics Kansas. Family members can be volunteers, coaches, fundraisers, speakers.

Family members of SOKS athletes are offered an opportunity to discover a community of sharing, and caring friends who join them in celebrating the achievements of their loved ones. They are a constant source of support and encouragement for their athletes. Family members/guardians are asked to adhere to the SOKS Code of Conduct. sgfamilycompressed

SOKS believes in the bright future of our athletes. Together we can realize the goal of bringing all persons with intellectual disabilities into a community where they are accepted, respected, and productive citizens.

Special Olympics’ guide, “Realizing the Bright Future of Your Child with an Intellectual Disability”, is a valuable resource for families with children with intellectual disabilities,  The guide outlines treatments, therapies, supports and services that can help a child with ID reach their potential throughout their life. Download this great resource here.


Family Opportunities

SuperTracker - Healthy Eating and Goal Setting

The “MyPlate, MyWins” video series visits six families from across America – Rocio, Shelley, Bryan & Keah, Lilac & PJ, Candice & James, and Carol & Brad. Watch how they make healthy choices that work for their family lives, while teaching their kids healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Real life can be hard – eating healthy doesn’t have to be!  Click here to view the video

SuperTracker can help you plan, analyze, and track your diet and physical activity. Find out what and how much to eat; track foods, physical activities, and weight; and personalize with goal setting, virtual coaching, and journaling. Log In or Create a Profile to get started today!

SuperTracker Downloads:

NEW: SuperTracker Groups and Challenges SuperTracker groups allow groups of people to use SuperTracker together. Anyone can create a group and invite others to join (e.g., teachers, parents, worksite wellness coordinators, or health professionals). Group leaders can run reports of food and physical activity data group members agree to share and/or create a healthy eating challenge. Create a challenge for your group to encourage healthy eating and physical activity through friendly competition. Choose from ready­made MyPlate Challenges or create your own custom challenge. Check out the groups and challenges fact sheet and start on yours here

New Horizons Therapeutic Riding Center

New Horizons is a Therapeutic Riding Center in Rantoul, KS, providing individuals with physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities opportunities to experience equestrian riding skills, while improving communication, physical strength and interaction with horses in an atmosphere that is both fun and challenging. Visit for more information. Day camps are offered during the summer.

2014-2016 State Plan for Independent Living

Statewide public hearings were held in May providing an opportunity for persons with disabilities, advocates and stakeholders to offer input on its 2014-2016 State Plan for Independent Living.

Participants had the opportunity to provide input on a variety of issues including:

  • Priorities for use of federal independent living funds
  • Identification of unmet independent living service needs
  • Other priorities for the independent living community

For more information about the State Plan contact: Maia Ruby-Clemmons
Independent Living Program Manager
785-368-8266 phone


If you want guidance on where to find Managed Health Care information under KanCare contact Lois Ferguson at 913-826-2364 or

KU Weightloss Program

Staff employed by the University of Kansas have received a grant from the National Institutes of Health to promote weight loss in persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities. This unique program provides the following:

  • Free individualized training on one of two proven diet plans
  • A simple program of exercise
  • Monthly follow along counseling while on the diet
  • Visual aids that indicate whether the dieter is following the diet and likely
    meeting the calorie range for weight loss
  • A simple method for recording foods and beverages consumed during the
  • Payment for keeping the record of food and beverages consumed

Participants must be at least 18 years of age, in the overweight or obese range, able to participate in a simple exercise program, and able to communicate to others about their preferences and the diet assigned. Participants must live within 50 miles of Lawrence, KS. For more information, please contact Richard Saunders at or 913-579-6043 during work hours.

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